[Blueprint pdf-as-standard-print-job-format] PDF instead of PostScript as standard print job transfer format

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Mon Jun 2 08:18:48 BST 2008

Blueprint changed by Martin Pitt:

Whiteboard changed to:

heno 2008-05-28: Milestoning for Intrepid Alpha 2 as it's well under
way, though it will need a formal review.

pitti 2008-05-29: Concept and design looks convincing and sound to me.
However, the implementation section is still very thin. In particular, I
am interested in seeing which changes need to be made to cups itself to
provide full backwards compatibility with previous releases (i. e.
receiving PostScript), while also accepting PDF as input format without
converting it back and forth again. With this, the client-side parts of
the specs can be implemented independently and do not block each other.
We also need to ensure that third-party/legacy applications which only
emit PS will continue to work forever. Please add some details of the
cups changes to the implementation section and point out the backwards
compatibility in the 'migration' section. Thanks!

tkamppeter 2008-05-31: Details added.

pitti 2008-06-02: It still does not explain what changes we need to make
in cups? AFAIK it still uses PostScript internally in the current

  PDF instead of PostScript as standard print job transfer format

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