Change autohide panel default settings ?

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Mon Jun 2 10:36:55 BST 2008


Le vendredi 30 mai 2008 à 18:00 -0500, Ric Flomag a écrit :

> I suggest 3 change to the default gconf settings:
>   * The unhide_delay is way too slow. For the sake of responsiveness, it 
> should be immediate. I suggest a delay of 0.
>   * Even when unhide_delay is set to 0, the rather slow speed of the 
> animation effect (about 0.5s) still makes it rather unresponsive. 

Not sure about those, upstream might be using those values for a reason,
I would prefer to have the discussion happening upstream rather in a
distribution specific level, I would be in favor or a slightly lower
delay there too

> I suggest to set enable_animation to 0, unless it is possible to speed it 
> up (not in gconf apparently).

I tried changing those I think the animation make things look much
smoother and nicer, I'm against this change, the sliding is quick enough
when the delay is set to 0 and the animation doesn't go in the way

>    * The auto_hide_size default of 6 pixels gives the impression that 
> the panel is stuck half way on its move out of the screen. A small part 
> of the applets and icons are still visible, but unrecognizable. IMO the 
> expected behavior of an autohide feature is that the panel completely 
> disappears, or only draws a line on the border of the screen. My 
> suggestion: 0px or 1px. (which actually behave the same, the panel does 
> not completely hide when set to 0)

agreed that the current behaviour is weird, 1 pixel looks alright

Vincent, what do you think about doing such changes?

Sebastien Bacher

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