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Martin Pitt wrote on 02/06/08 08:03:
> Ric Flomag [2008-05-30 18:00 -0500]:
>> As Greg Grossmeier <> 
>> suggested on the last comment, i'm posting here to discuss the matter of 
>> autohide panel default settings, which imho could be much better.
> I'm not an UI/usability expert, but I actually quite like the current
> defaults. Since I know my panel, I know where everything is, so I can
> perfectly tell apart the Firefox from the Devhelp icon. So I can
> quickly click on the devhelp icon without the panel unfolding and
> folding again. The unhide delay could be a bit faster, though.
> But the way you propose it might be a bit more obvious indeed. I'll
> leave that to the usability gurus (hi Matthew :) ).

I don't use autohide, but I've just tried it, and I agree with
everything Ric said. It's painfully slow, and the "hidden" state looks
like a bug, like it tried to hide itself and got stuck part way.

A related problem is that if I click a menu in the panel (or something
that behaves like a menu, like the volume, brightness, or clock applets)
before the panel has finished sliding into place, the thing I just
clicked ends up sliding under the thing I opened. This also looks like a

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