Removing the Ubuntu patch for "Add to panel" dialog

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Wed Jan 3 05:00:31 GMT 2007

On 1/3/07, Manu Cornet <lmanul at> wrote:
> Hi and Happy New Year to all!
> While discussing with the Desktop Team several times in the past, we
> considered dropping the Ubuntu-specific patch for the "Add to panel"
> dialog, but we had never really reached a conclusion. Since I'm the
> one who wrote it, I thought it'd be best if I was the one to suggest
> dropping it :-)
> Pros:
> * Although the patch was good at the time it was written, upstream
> took the best of it by adding my "Search as you type" entry (so the
> patch has been very useful in convicing them to do that!). Here is a
> screenshot:
> I think that whether the rest of the patch (making a 2D layout) makes
> sense or not is pretty much a matter of taste, but the search box was
> really the nice feature.
> * Decrease the delta with upstream.
> * The code is simpler: my patch used some GnomeCanvas stuff, added a
> few files just to get the nice rounded rectangles, etc. The
> one-dimensional applet list is just simpler to code and more
> straightforward.
> * The search box made by people upstream actually works a bit better
> than the one I wrote, since it also works in "Application launcher"
> part (looking for applications).
> Cons:
> * We lose the applet categories.
> * The two buttons for "Application Launcher" and "Custom Application
> Launcher" at the top are nice (but it'll be easy to port them to the
> new upstream dialog).
> What do you guys think?
> I have also seen that the control-center has been redesigned (just
> type gnome-control-center in a terminal in feisty), following the work
> made by Novell. Do we want to have the same kind of plans for the "Add
> to panel" dialog?
> Cheers,
> Manu
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Hi Manu!

I'm really saddened that they are going to drop that patch,
I think it was a really awesome patch!

Can they implement a better way, to not to remove the patch,
but to have it as an option, like a gconf entry as a switch,
similar to gnome-session logout dialog does?

Speaking of your gnome-session logout dialog patch, I hope it too
will not be dropped..


Carpe Diem
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