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Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Wed Jan 4 10:00:09 GMT 2006

Le lundi 02 janvier 2006 à 10:01 -0500, William Lachance a écrit :
> Hi,
> After submitting a few bugs and patches for various bits of the Ubuntu
> desktop (most recently the evil bug #20216), I thought I'd introduce
> myself to the list.


Welcome to the list!

Thanks for the work on this gam_server issue. It's a quite annoying one
for users and having it fixed would be great :)

> with both build and packaging systems, so I could foresee taking some
> responsibility for that eventually (we'll see how things go).

You are welcome to tackle any bug from bugzilla you want. We also keep a
list of things to do on the wiki: 

> I'm planning on hanging out on #ubuntu-desktop quite a bit in the new
> year: if you see an issue I might be interested in, feel free to poke
> me there (I go as 'wlach').

You are probably the best placed to know what you want to do, so if you
spot anything on bugzilla/the wiki/not listed but that would be nice to
get changed just ping somebody on the IRC chan or mail the list :)


Sebastien Bacher

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