Self Introduction

William Lachance wrlach at
Mon Jan 2 15:01:46 GMT 2006


After submitting a few bugs and patches for various bits of the Ubuntu
desktop (most recently the evil bug #20216), I thought I'd introduce
myself to the list.

My name is William Lachance (although most people simply call me
'Will') and I work for NITI's Research and Development group in
Montreal ( I've been using (and loving) Ubuntu as
my desktop since 2004, and have decided it's time to start giving
something back (on my own time: most of my 'real' work involves
proprietary software).

I'm mostly interested in doing upstream development on the GNOME core
and the Sabayon user profile editor (which I have a special soft spot
for: I think it's an absolutely fantastic piece of technology with
amazing potential), but I have a pretty decent amount of experience
with both build and packaging systems, so I could foresee taking some
responsibility for that eventually (we'll see how things go).

I'm planning on hanging out on #ubuntu-desktop quite a bit in the new
year: if you see an issue I might be interested in, feel free to poke
me there (I go as 'wlach').

Chow for now,
William Lachance
wrlach at

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