When will we think about tomorrow, and not continue to take a look on the past?

Armand CORBEAUX acorbeaux at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 21:03:27 GMT 2006

With time, things evolve. Sometimes we can have the feeling that things
don't evolve enough quickly.

This is more a think after taking a general look on GUI (or whatever you
wish to call it).

Why things don't evolve? Why do we hear always, as 5 years ago, the same
Why can we see today what can be assimilate as regressions?

That is not a criticism, but GNOME becomes complicated...

I take the example of the background:  Why wasn't it thought "for the nuts"?
Imagine a simple panel:  I drag the background that I want in the panel, it
applies immediatly.  I drag out it, it disappears from panel (the 'remove
button becomes deprecated).
When you want to put a painting at a nail, you pose it.  When you want to
remove it, you take it down. Why not think simply as in the daily life?

Damn...do we search simplicity or to purpose a options factory?

I think there's not enough time now to suggest improvements for Ubuntu
No no no..I can let it passed away:

Who use daily hibernate and suspend?
There's a stuff I really don't understand in the logout and shutdown in
Dapper: why 2 entries for approximatively the same options? Why includes
suspend and hibernate in logout panel? Is it really an improvement or just
to show that Ubuntu is able to hibernate and suspend?
Gnome-power-manager (which is installed by default) puropose also the
hibernate and suspend options, and in a more usable way.

One more time, sorry if some people feels aggressed, but it's not a
criticism but a information feedback of an observation of the practices of
use of the users.

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