example-content - is it really a solution?

Armand CORBEAUX acorbeaux at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 09:18:17 GMT 2006

>This is at least useful on a Live CD.

>When I demonstrate Ubuntu with a live CD, I've nothing to do and I must
>always say : "If you had a picture, you could edit it with the gimp, there.
>If you had a word document, you could..."

>Some videos, sounds and pictures samples could turn a boring demonstration
>into something very cool.

>People will not remember that Ubuntu is easier or better. They will say : "I
>like your stuff. The picture of the bird was so cuuute !"

It's perhaps useful for an individual demonstration, even if the first
question will be "and my Internet?" (even if the picture of the bird
was cute).

In my spirit the idea is not to show in practice, but to explain what
ubuntu can do (what implies a will of the user).
Anyway in any domain (professionnal or personnal) where ubuntu can be
shown, the principal question from users is:
"can I do the same thing as actually?"

>(and, hop, I can then increment my  Universal Ubuntu Conversion Counter)

For me there are no ideas of conversion of a user: Ubuntu succeeded in
satisfying his needs or not.
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