Logout dialog : strings

Eric Feliksik milouny at gmx.net
Sun Apr 16 22:02:56 BST 2006

Manu, thanks for your great work on the dialog, and you nice explanation 
messages. Essentially there isn't much wrong with them, so sorry if my 
suggestions seem overly-perfectionistic or anal, but a few comments 
follow anyway:

Tristan Wibberley wrote:
>> * Log out : Close your session so that other users can log in.
> Letting other users log in isn't necessarily the intended consequence of
> logging out, so "so" seems an odd way to say it. How about "Close your
> session, which lets other users log in."
"so" sounds perfectly fine to me, I'm all in favor of "Close your 
session so that other users can log in."
(I'm not a native speaker either, but "so" describes a consequence 
rather than a goal here - native speakers might say the "that" should be 
removed. "which lets other users log in" doesn't sound nice to me )

>> * Switch : Let another user log in while your session remains open.
Nice, I think the password-protection can be left unmentioned, people 
will find out, really.

>> * Lock : Launch the screensaver and password protect your session.
> That's good.
Nice, indeed.

>> * Sleep : Let the computer sleep. You can wake it up by pressing any
>> key.
"Let the computer sleep" is just doubled here, and doesn't explain more; 
the icon is called 'sleep' for a reason. Also, I'm giving the command to 
the computer and thus I don't expect my pet to fall asleep ;-)

"power-saving mode. Your computer will be silent, but still needs power. 
You can wake it up by pressing any key"
or, if that's too long, just
"power-saving mode. You can wake up the computer by pressing any key".

>> * Hibernate : Let the computer hibernate; it won't need any power. When
>> started again, all open applications will be restored.
"Let the computer hibernate" --> same duplication as sleep.
I suggest "Power down without closing your session. When switched on, 
all open applications will be restored.
(btw, I re-worded "started again" because it sounds contradictory to not 
ending your session, but I admit that is pretty anal)

>> * Restart : Restart the computer.
>> * Shut down : Completely turn off the computer.
This is also a duplicate, but what more can be said? :)
Maybe "Your session will be closed" behind the options, but I think 
people will get the point.

The essence of most options is revealed in the first three words of the 
explanation, which is nice.

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