Logout dialog : strings

Tristan Wibberley maihem at maihem.org
Sun Apr 16 11:15:54 BST 2006

Manu Cornet wrote:
> Hi !
> I'm now refining my work on the logout dialog, and among other things
> I'm working on the "help" labels, displayed at the bottom. Here's what I
> have for the moment :
> * Log out : Close your session so that other users can log in.

Letting other users log in isn't necessarily the intended consequence of
logging out, so "so" seems an odd way to say it. How about "Close your
session, which lets other users log in."

> * Switch : Let another user log in while your session remains open.

I think it would be good to emphasise the difference from "log out" by
more directly referring to the words used in "log out", ie: "Let another
user log in without closing your session, will password protect your

> * Lock : Launch the screensaver and password protect your session.

That's good.

> * Sleep : Let the computer sleep. You can wake it up by pressing any
> key.

"Let the computer sleep" is a strange thing to say here. It isn't merely
permitting the computer to sleep, it is a command to the computer and
the button is already labelled as the command, so it doesn't need to be
repeated. Perhaps this should also warn about cutting the power too:
"Standby. Rapidly quiesce the computer. DO NOT cut the power while the
computer is sleeping. You can wake the computer up by pressing any key.
If unsure, choose Hibernate instead."

> * Hibernate : Let the computer hibernate; it won't need any power. When
> started again, all open applications will be restored.

How about "Half power down. When started again, all open applications
will be restored. DO NOT allow an engineer to work inside the computer
while it is hibernating. If unsure, choose Shut Down instead."

> * Restart : Restart the computer.

Referring to shut down would be good, since this does a shut down, eg
"Shut Down then restart the computer. All open applications and sessions
will be closed."

> * Shut down : Completely turn off the computer.

Referring to the difference between this and hibernate would be good, eg
"Total power down. All open applications and sessions will be closed."

Tristan Wibberley

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