Gnome default themes

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Tue Dec 13 17:05:04 GMT 2005

Jason Grieves wrote:
> I would recommend if only one is available becuase of size 
> limitations, that make sure you grab the High Contrast Large Print or 
> High Contrast Inverse Large Print.  You may have already decided this, 
> but I wanted to be clear the Large Print also includes automatic font 
> markup which is helpful.
Yes, I've seen that, though I noticed that this doesn't get followed up 
by all applications. I guess these are bugs that we should chart and 
report upstream. It would be nice if when you had chosen the large fonts 
theme, pages in Firefox would also appear in large print.

When I say that we should perhaps pick one option, it is (a) because of 
space constraints on the CD, but also because (b) in the case of the 
Live CD we want it to come up when starting X with a sensible default 
and not require 5 separate boot options. It's only needed to get you 
through the Ubuntu Express install sequence and then you can install 
more themes later that suit you better. Also (c) in my opinion it is 
more tidy to have one fairly sensible choice than too many.

If there is much difference in usability between black-on-white and 
inverse, I would recommend the former as it seems to integrate better 
with applications (we should probably do a more thorough investigation 
of this on the wiki).

- Henrik

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