[dct] Getting the Debian Collaboration Team started again

Marcela Tiznado mlt at debian.org
Mon May 14 08:56:51 BST 2007


> Have you thought about proposing a DCT BOF ?

I think that would be a good idea...also having sprints during

> About the task of packaging software in Ubuntu, but not in Debian:
> Debian and Ubuntu have different opinions on what should go in their
> archives. While the policy for universe is basically "package everything
> you can", Debian puts a bigger emphasis on quality. In most cases, I
> don't think that packages from Ubuntu should be imported to Ubuntu,
> unless:
>  (A) There is someone interested in maintaining the package in Debian
>  (B) The package is actually being used by many Ubuntu users. Ubuntu now
>      has a working popcon.ubuntu.com, so this is quite easy to verify.

I think if there are some people using it in Ubuntu, it's a good reason to get
it included in Debian.

Filling a RFP on Debian BTS would be enough for finding someone interested in
maintaining the package...I think it's also a good idea to add extra info taken
from Ubuntu packages (like debian/control, missing man pages, etc), so it's
easier for the maintainer to start with that package.

>  (C) There isn't another package in the archive doing basically the same
>      thing.
> A few weeks ago, after a discussion about REVU, I started to wonder if
> all the manpower put into getting new packages in Ubuntu was really
> necessary. So I looked at the popcon score for universe packages that
> were not in Debian. And basically, there wasn't a lot of packages that
> were really used by Ubuntu users, once you exclude the packages that
> cannot be in Debian for legal reasons. I didn't publish the results
> because they were a bit depressing, but I could work on that again.

Would be nice to have that sad information available... I am also
interested on the scripts showing how you got to that info.

> About the number of 4000 packages in Ubuntu but not in Debian, don't
> forget that many packages get removed from Debian, and that Ubuntu is
> often slow at removing those (RC buggy or useless) packages.

Can we have the script where you compare Debian vs Ubuntu repos? Cause I
made one myself and got completely different numbers


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