Moving the Ubuntu Wiki to Mediawiki or something else?

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> Hi everyone
> Le mar. 16 févr. 2016 20:40, Jono Bacon <jono at> a écrit :
>> Hey Everyone,
>> While we are focused on the performance issues here I think we should
>> also consider the user interview. MoinMoin just isn't very intuitive, and I
>> would argue that MediaWiki isn't all that better.
>> When I was at XPRIZE I evaluated a bunch of different wikis and
>> WikiSpaces came out on top. Now, it is not open source, which may be a
>> blocker, but it is a great service, externally hosted (so they absolutely
>> have to have it be responsive), affordable, and provides a really great and
>> simple user experience.
> Well sorry Jono, but I don't think so to use a non opensource software is
> a good idea, even if the user experience is better.

Presuming that we can always get the data out of the service (which we
can), is delivering a simpler, faster, and sleeker wiki experience worth
sacrificing because the platform isn't open source?

> We're facing so much criticism about certain part of non-free software on
> Ubuntu infrastructure. Giving bullets to be shoot to anti-Ubuntu advocate,
> well, I'm definitely not a player...

Sure, there will be trolls, but I would argue that serving our users well
is more important than subduing the trolls. :-)

> I think we could find some great opensource wiki tool allowing users to
> participate (if wikipedia can do it why we can't ? It's true that moinmoin
> is just a little bit better than SharePoint wiki that's the worst thing I
> see.

Here's the kicker: I haven't yet found an open source wiki that is
genuinely easy to use. Wikipedia isn't easy to contribute to - it demands
that people have a lot of upfront knowledge.

If open source is a critical requirement the easiest I have found is
DokuWiki, but that still isn't anywhere near as simple as WikiSpaces.

>> Just my $0.02c.
> Just my 0,02 € ^^
> Cheers
> Winael

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