what colour is Orange exactly?

Laura Czajkowski laura at lczajkowski.com
Wed Apr 20 09:01:41 UTC 2016

On 20/04/16 06:44, Jamie Young wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I work on the Client team and have been part of the change that's seen 
> the hex colour for Ubuntu Orange change from DD4814 to E95420.
> We are in the process of writing a post (or maybe even series of 
> posts) about the thinking behind the colour change. It will, I hope 
> pre-answer a lot of the questions that have appeared above.
> I'd ask for a little more time for us to get this post polished off 
> and to make sure it answers as many of the questions and worries that 
> have appeared over the last few months as this change has slowly been 
> implemented across all of our digital properties.

Hey Jamie

I would much rather see smaller blog posts with details published more 
often than sitting back and waiting for a polished post.  At the end of 
the day, the change has been made and many community members look for 
guidance on the colours to use and where to use them. It's coming up to 
release and many will be preparing images, banners using the colour 
schemes they know about. If they've changed let them know in advance please.


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