what colour is Orange exactly?

Alan Bell alanbell at ubuntu.com
Wed Apr 20 13:08:22 UTC 2016

Hi Jamie,

Probably the least effort thing to do is to update 
http://design.ubuntu.com/brand/colour-palette and fix things like the 
tint percentages and let people know what is going on with the logo and 
the aubergine (I have no clue if that is still a colour in the palette 
as it isn't in 
aubergine is still used on canonical.com, but then again, so is #DD4814)

By all means lets have a blog post explaining the thinking behind it at 
some point, that would be entertaining but that isn't that important "we 
just decided" is a good enough reason as far as I am concerned. First 
lets find out what you have changed, then later if you feel like it you 
can tell us why you did it.

The style guide was written so that things would follow it. If there is 
going to be an update it is totally fine to change the style guide that 
everything inherits design from, but just randomly implementing a change 
in some places that is contrary to the published style guide is an 
approach I am very surprised to see from the team that set up the style 
guide in the first place.


On 20/04/16 06:44, Jamie Young wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I work on the Client team and have been part of the change that's seen 
> the hex colour for Ubuntu Orange change from DD4814 to E95420.
> We are in the process of writing a post (or maybe even series of 
> posts) about the thinking behind the colour change. It will, I hope 
> pre-answer a lot of the questions that have appeared above.
> I'd ask for a little more time for us to get this post polished off 
> and to make sure it answers as many of the questions and worries that 
> have appeared over the last few months as this change has slowly been 
> implemented across all of our digital properties.
> Thanks for all your comments and questions, it's been great to see 
> such a response and we will endeavour to make sure that everyone is 
> happy (or at least aware) of the changes and why we thought they were 
> important to make.
> Cheers
> Jamie

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