Ubuntu Code of Conduct: omissions and suggestions

Matthew Paul Thomas mpt at canonical.com
Fri Apr 8 11:00:30 UTC 2016

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Alberto Salvia Novella wrote on 07/04/16 13:50:
> Matthew Paul Thomas:
>> It wouldn’t work if the first incident by itself is bad enough
>> to discourage or drive away contributors.
> That is true.
> Do you think this is something happening frequently?

It would be extremely difficult to tell how often it happens. The
people it happens to don’t stick around to take part in surveys.

> Does it happen to you?
> ...

No, but I’m a straight white able-bodied male. On those major axes,
I’m the sort of person who’s least likely to be harassed.

You’re concerned with reducing the impact of harassment when it’s
already occurred. That’s an important goal. The problem is in suggesting
that it’s the only goal. Another goal is making harassment less likely
in the first place, because more people know how to behave, and know the
consequences of misbehaving. Another goal is reassuring potential
contributors that Ubuntu is a safe project to work on.

You don’t need to ask “Does fire happen to you?” to know that it’s
good for a building to have a fire safety plan.

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