Re: Canonical’s IPRights Policy incompatible with Ubuntu licence policy

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On Mon, May 4, 2015 at 1:27 AM, Daniel Holbach <daniel.holbach at>

> Hello,
> On 04.05.2015 04:48, Benjamin Kerensa wrote:
> > Do we have any documentation of what and what not the CC can take on? Or
> > is the list made up on the fly?
> >
> > Why can the CC not take on this very important issue but expects somehow
> > a individual contributor can? To me that makes very little sense and
> > some explanation would be great.
> The Community Council oversees community processes and governance in
> general, but is in no position to give legal advise or go to court if
> necessary. That's simply not part of its mission statement and shouldn't
> be in my mind, as almost everybody on the CC is a volunteer in the
> community.
> It's very easy for others to demand what "the CC should be doing" when
> it's not your hours spent on the subject.

Does it take hours to send an email on behalf of the CC to Canonical Legal
and ask what is going on here? Does it take hours to write a short
statement like
Jonathan has asked? No it doesn't and this is a very important issue.

If anybody has a specific case where their project is hindered or
> blocked, bring it up with Canonical Legal. Mint brought up their case
> and it was resolved to their favour. It's in Ubuntu's interest in
> general, if the trademark can be defended if necessary and the rules are
> not too lax.

It shouldn't have to be a case where a project is hindered it should be on
the principle
that Ubuntu's values are being violated and even worse Canonical is
claiming rights
that it does not have.
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