Canonical’s IPRights Policy incompatible with Ubuntu licence policy

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Mon May 4 09:49:14 UTC 2015


On 04.05.2015 11:06, Benjamin Kerensa wrote:
> Does it take hours to send an email on behalf of the CC to Canonical Legal
> and ask what is going on here? Does it take hours to write a short
> statement like
> Jonathan has asked? No it doesn't and this is a very important issue.

Come on. You know that this is not about making a one-sentence
statement. The world is just not as simple as that.

To me it's quite obvious that Ubuntu and Canonical need to have a handle
on what people can take, modify and distribute and can still call Ubuntu.

Why should Canonical waive its rights here? Who will defend the
trademark in a random court in some jurisdiction around the globe if it
becomes necessary? The people who demand a one-line answer here? I don't
think so.

Many projects around Ubuntu, commercial and non-commercial ones, prosper
and do well and we have mechanisms for distributing software. Whenever
it was necessary, the right people made amends to processes, tools and
made exceptions. This can all be figured out.

Have a great day,

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