Canonical’s IPRights Policy incompatible with Ubuntu licence policy

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Sat May 2 08:42:58 UTC 2015


On 02.05.2015 01:03, Michael Hall wrote:
> I'm going to go out on a limb and assume I speak for the rest of the CC
> when I say that we absolutely do agree that Ubuntu is Free Software and
> that Canonical and everybody else should comply with the copyright
> licenses of the software that is distributed as part of it. However,
> that was not what Jonathan asked of us.
> We also believe that Canonical agrees with the above, and that they are
> operating in good faith on the belief that they are compliance with it.
> Whether or not the policy Canonical has put forward is legally compliant
> with one or more copyright licenses in Ubuntu is a legal question that
> the CC can not and will not answer.
> We are not lawyers, and taking legal stances or giving legal advice is
> not in the council's mandate. Please keep that in mind and respect that
> everyone in this council cared deeply about Ubuntu, our upstreams and
> our derivatives, even if we don't take the action that some people want
> taken.

+1. Very well put.

Flavours always were and continue to be very important to Ubuntu and
Canonical. Even derivatives in the outer circle of Ubuntu, like Mint are
doing well and have no issues I'm aware of.

I would like to ask everyone who has a specific issue with the policy or
sees their project hindered in any way to bring it up with the Canonical
Legal team.

Have a great day,

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