[ubuntu-cloud] Ubuntu Cloud Sever

Robin Laurén robin at lauren.fi
Mon Aug 2 22:07:27 BST 2010

...or put differently, cloud computing allows you to run a server on hired
hardware, somewhere, "in the cloud".

Anything you could do on a physical server that does not require you to
meddle with the server physically, you could do on a server "in the cloud".
Yes, it can be a file server, but it could also be a web server, or an
application server. You could run eyeOS on it (http://eyeos.org/) and have
your own Google-like docs and mail on it if you wanted. You can't connect a
mouse and monitor to it, but you can reach it over the network and work with
it. Just think of it as your server room with a very, very long cable to
your desk.


> On Mon, 02 Aug 2010 16:28:52 -0400, Terry Talim <melanyor at gmail.com>
> wrote:

> >
> > What can Ubuntu Cloud Sever be used for? Is it just remote storage or is
> > there more to it then that?
> >
> > Thank you very much I know I'm asking for a lot
> > Terry.
What we do not understand, we fear. What we fear, we destroy.
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