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José Tomás Atria jtatria en gmail.com
Jue Mar 6 14:09:20 GMT 2008

y, mande el mail con CC, pero por alguna razon, no lo he visto
aparecer en la lista... lo copio abajo, a pesar que tipico que llega
en un rato, asi que sorry por el flood :P

from	José Tomás Atria <jtatria en gmail.com>
to	michelle en canonical.com,
cc	ubuntu-cl en lists.ubuntu.com,
date	Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 10:59 AM
subject	ubuntu.cl TLD
Hi Michelle,

I hope i'm not getting out of place here, but i just read a message of
yours forwarded to the ubuntu-cl mail list of wich i'm part in regards
to the TLD ubuntuc.cl, apprently in hands of a named Francisco
Aguirre. I write this to you only because in this matters, time is of
the essence, and i reckon that i don't know anything about the status
of your trademark in Chile, besides what i could find in the public
records in this last minutes.

1.- Francisco Aguirre seems to be a TLD troll, he wont give up the
domain unless forced to thru legal action.
2.- NIC Chile (ww.nic.cl), the entity incharge of TLD administration
in Chile, has a policy regarding TLD property conflicts but usually
won't do anyhing unless the TLD infringes a trademark registered IN
3.- Looking for "ubuntu" in the records of the Departament of
Industrial Property (www.dpi.cl), i found no trace of ubuntu as a
registered trademark in Chile, but i reckon my inexperience using
their search utility.
4.- if all the above is correct, Aguirre wont desist the use of
ubuntu.cl, and NIC won't be in a possition to do much if Canonical
seeks to file a complain.
5.- in this context, the *first step* is to secure the property of
canonical and register the trademark in chile.

I let you know of this, only because the first step in securing
Canonical's possition in this legal matter is the registration of the
trademark in the records of the DPI, and this takes a lot of time, as
i have heard.

I apologize in advance, again, if this mail is out of place, surely
the TM people at Canonical are well informed of these issues, but i
guessed that re-stating this wouldn't hurt.

By the way, if UBUNTU is a registered trademark in chile, i'd go
directly to the NIC, found at www.nic.cl. The Departament of
Industrial Property can be found in www.dpi.cl, but i'd advise getting
legal counseling in Chile for the dealings with the DPI (it is
reputadely difficult and cumbersome)

Finally, IANAL, so take all teh above with a pinch of salt :)

best regards.

José Tomás Atria.

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