[Ubuntu-ch] Text for OpenExpo poster

Jeff R. Allen jra at nella.org
Fri Mar 13 11:55:00 GMT 2009


I'm new to the list, hope you don't mind me introducing myself. I'll
try to be of some help to Myriam in any case, to excuse my

I am an American who is marrying a Swiss girl. We've lived in Lausanne
on and off. We are in England right now, but we are counting down the
days until we can shop at a Migros again. :) I'll be looking for work
in Suisse Romande, in IT and/or project management. I'm almost full
time Ubuntu, though I mostly use it to do OpenWRT (embedded Linux)
development for PC Engines Alix boards.

As for your slogan... Switzerland is a place that is defined by it's
community spirit, and by a culture and economy made stronger, rather
than weaker, by multiple geographic zones and languages. (Well, when
everything is working right. Of course, sometimes the politics goes to
hell, but it works right more often than my country does, from what
I've observed...)

Ubuntu is about two special things: the right to use software in your
language, and the responsibility to engage with those around you to
help them use Ubuntu better.

I don't have a clever idea for a slogan ready (and anyway, starting
from my native English is unlikely to result in a useful slogan in
French/German/Italian). But I think starting from the principles of
"in your own language" and "not just an OS, but a community ready to
welcome you", is the right way to go.


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