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Wed Mar 15 16:05:16 UTC 2017

I use Thunderbird quite a lot, myself.  It's all about choice in Linux!

For me, I use it much as I am forced to use Outlook at work: for email and
calendar.  I used to be a heavy Outlook user at home back in the day, but
of course we have better alternatives now..

One thing I do like about Thunderbird, I can have all of my email accounts
together, and subsequently move messages that I like to store away into
shared folders.  For example, anything from this forum will get moved from
my gmail account to my outlook account for storage.  At some point in the
future I'll take all of the emails in storage and dump them to my local HDD
for archiving (the whole process is done from inside Thunderbird).

As well, I use the calendar and tasks list add-ons in Thunderbird so I can
show some signs of being organized, although I don't think it's fooling

But.. if you don't see the need for T-bird on your computer, go ahead and
either ignore it, or remove it if you need the space.  It's all about

On Wed, 15 Mar 2017 at 11:37 Raymond House <raymondh40 at> wrote:

> Hello all, I have been using ubuntu for many years now and I still don't
> know what is the use of thunderbird.It duplicates my gmail account,is
> slow,and seems complicated.I have been trying once more to use it and it
> just seems to be a duplication of gmail (or any other mail service).I'm
> probably missing something here but after many bouts with it I still don't
> get it.I am wondering why it is always on all the new distros? I suppose
> some people like it, I don't.This is one of the rare things that bug me
> about ubuntu, because I would never use any other OS.Thanks.
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