gord campbell gordc2005 at velcom.ca
Thu Nov 1 19:48:14 UTC 2012

Thanks for your comments, Eric. I'm more baffled than ever.

I tried running Ubuntu 12.10 without running Conky, and had three
lockups in two days. That shot down my initial theory.

I decided to soldier on, and installed linux-headers-generic, then the
nvidia-current video driver. No more lockups! So far, I've only had two
sessions, but they totalled 35 hours. I even ran Conky for most of that

BTW, I don't understand why linux-headers-generic was not part of the
initial installation. Without it, nvidia-current produced gruesome
results, an unusable system. That bug has been posted several times.

I did introduce one further variable: I have not used Firefox in the
latest test sessions. (I usually have both Chrome and Firefox open,
doing different types of things in the two browsers.) If I get lockups
with Firefox running, I will let you know.

At this point, it appears that the nouveau driver is my culprit, but I'm
not so certain that I will post a bug. It could be Firefox, or a Firefox

Memory usage is something I monitor, and it hasn't gotten out of hand. I
hardly ever see it above 1.5 GB, and the machine has 4 GB installed.

Until your post, I didn't realize that Conky came with a base config. It
doesn't have the proper name, and it doesn't get installed to the proper
location. I just found a config online that looked like a good starting
point, and heavily customized it.

On Tue, 2012-10-30 at 12:01 +0000, ubuntu-ca-request at lists.ubuntu.com
> In my experience, that sounds like a memory leak.
> Doesn't lock up unless Conky is running makes me think this way:
> - 37-59C is nowhere near CPU overheat, but doesn't mean that nothing
> else
> is overheating - check your other sensors, if there are any.
> - Move/rename your conky config and put in the base one(to eliminate
> the
> possibility that your config added it). Run that for a couple hours to
> make
> sure.
> - Update or install a different(older?) version of Conky, to see if
> it's
> part of Conky itself.
> Hopefully, file a bug report to say what it was and what "fixed" it.

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