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Thanks for info.I am fairly new to computers in general,but got fed up with microsoft pretty quickly.I've been trying to find the site to get the icons and theme,but no luck.Can you help with that?

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I was using an install of ubuntu studio. The first problem is there is no live cd yet,
so you can't test it out live. I installed it and at first i was blown away by how slick
looking it is but thats about all you get. It is basically 
7.04 with mp3 and a few other
codecs installed and the audio visual software. Which you can easily get for any bu install.
Frankly i was disappointed it is really not that much different then a regular 7.04 install and

it is easy to install the theme and icons like the other poster mentioned.

If you are looking for a good ubuntu based distro with lots of bells and whistles that actually
builds on top of 7.04 try the new Linux Mint 
http://linuxmint.com/ The cassandra release is
excellent. It has lots of software installed and beryl worked on my system with zero configuration
off the live cd! Now thats something! It looks great has lots of changes from regular 
7.04 and
basically i didnt need to install any other packages It had everything i was looking for on the
live cd and the install is just as easy as regular 7.04.

Linux Mint Cassandra 10/10!

Now it is a beta release but i have installed lots of betas and had no problems. This

definitely does not look or feel like a beta and i will be using it as my main desktop.



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