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Alfred alfred.s at nexicom.net
Wed May 23 14:17:44 UTC 2007

I installed Ubuntu Studio a while ago. There were little Check boxes in
front of Music programs, I didn't see any Icons, or Themes. This was
added to Ubuntu 6.06-1. Was Ubuntu Studio changed, when 6.10 and 7.04
came into being?


On Tue, 2007-22-05 at 07:00 -0700, Laurie Bell wrote:
> Hello,
> Thanks for info.I am fairly new to computers in general,but got fed up
> with microsoft pretty quickly.I've been trying to find the site to get
> the icons and theme,but no luck.Can you help with that?
> Thanks
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> Hello
> I was using an install of ubuntu studio. The first problem is there is
> no live cd yet,
> so you can't test it out live. I installed it and at first i was blown
> away by how slick
> looking it is but thats about all you get. It is basically 7.04 with
> mp3 and a few other
> codecs installed and the audio visual software. Which you can easily
> get for any bu install.
> Frankly i was disappointed it is really not that much different then a
> regular 7.04 install and 
> it is easy to install the theme and icons like the other poster
> mentioned.
> If you are looking for a good ubuntu based distro with lots of bells
> and whistles that actually
> builds on top of 7.04 try the new Linux Mint http://linuxmint.com/ The
> cassandra release is
> excellent. It has lots of software installed and beryl worked on my
> system with zero configuration
> off the live cd! Now thats something! It looks great has lots of
> changes from regular 7.04 and
> basically i didnt need to install any other packages It had everything
> i was looking for on the
> live cd and the install is just as easy as regular 7.04.
> Linux Mint Cassandra 10/10!
> Now it is a beta release but i have installed lots of betas and had no
> problems. This 
> definitely does not look or feel like a beta and i will be using it as
> my main desktop.
> cheers
> warden
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