Getting the wireless to work

Peter Whittaker pwwnow at
Sun May 20 19:47:14 UTC 2007

On Sun, 2007-20-05 at 16:14 -0300, Preston Smith wrote:
> Now on to a bigger problem.  I can not get my wireless to work.
> I have an HP Compaq Presario V2414NR running XP2.  It has a Broadcom 
> (I think it is a BCM 4318).

And it's the culprit. Ubuntu 7.04 has really good Broadcom support in
general, via the bcm43xx driver. But the 4318 is NOT supported and is a
bit of a black art to play with....

I had it working on my Acer briefly with one of the pre-release betas,
then it stopped. Likely a conflict between various kernel bits, esp.
given the statement [1] that there is no 4318 support.

I also had it working briefly using some magic involving blacklisting,
ndiswrapper, and a few other things, but I've been unable to reproduce
that: I'd done an install from scratch and played around - calling it
"discovery mode" would be charitable - until I got it to work, then
tried creating a successful "from scratch" recipe, so that I would know
what the state of the machine was. (After my discovery mode, I really
had no idea what was in my kernel... 8->)

And it's that "successful from scratch" recipe I've been unable to

If I do manage to get it to work, I'll add it to the Wiki and let people
know here. In the meantime, pestering Broadcom to get them to open up
and support Linux might be the best way forward.


[1] Sorry, cannot recall the exact reference, and I have too many
bookmarks on the topic to look through right now. I just wanted to post
quickly to let you know that there are others who share your experience
and lack of success, and it's all due to the specific WiFi chipset in
our machines. When I find the reference, I'll post it.

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