Fabian Rodriguez magicfab at
Tue Jan 30 03:29:39 UTC 2007

Don and/or Mila Trombley wrote:
> I have on my Xubuntu Desktop HPLIP Toolbox, which I clicked on.  The 
> following Message states: PyQt/Qt initialization error. Please check 
> install of
> PyQt/Qt and try again (the Python -Qt package must be installed for this 
> program to work). . . . I wonder where, to locate such a file, or, ff I 
> would have
> to create  one, and what do I need?
> Don.

I am not sure how you installed hplip. Did you go through synaptic or
command-line apt-get install ? It seems you are missing the python
interpreter, which is listed as a dependency. You should be OK by simply
installing the "python" package from synaptic.

However, the usual hplip install via synaptic / apt-get install should
have included it.

Good luck,

Fabián Rodríguez - Ubuntu Quebec Local Community team contact
Montreal, QC, Canada

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