Ubuntu Toronto, Wednesday at the linuxcaffe

Kim King mr.kim.king at gmail.com
Sat Jan 27 04:12:29 UTC 2007

Submitted by Kim King

After all the talk on the Digest about  the Ubuntu Toronto Meetings I 
thought it would be good to share with everyone what the meetings are like.

On Wednesday night  I drove  from Port Perry  so I arrived at the end of 
the around the table introductions.  The members were in a good mood and 
no one made fun of the fact that it took so many attempts to get me to 
try Ubuntu.

Dave Sullivan chaired the meeting, took minutes of the meeting and 
projected them onto the overhead screen.  It is a great way to 
illustrate  just what is happening with a project.  During the 
presentations portion of the evening, the laptops were closed and 
everyone seemed to be listening and contributing to the discussion.

Dave guided us through the agenda and made certain that everyone was 
heard from who wanted to be heard.  When we finished the last part of 
the agenda, the laptops went on and it was a free-for-all of experience 
sharing and question answering.  We even got to watch a three minute 
video on Linux.

Food is delivered hot  to your table, which is a very  nice touch, and 
the staff were careful not to interrupt the meeting .

The members seemed to hang around and chat until David had to nudge us 
out the door, which is a good sign. I think the meeting went very well.

Not everyone is in these photos, I didn't take out the camera until 
after the formal presentation part of the meeting was over, and some 
people had to leave early to attend other meetings.


I think the discussion on the Digest helped. 


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