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Wed Jan 24 15:26:23 UTC 2007

I had this problem for a little while, but I'm a little fuzzy on the 
details. IIRC it was something to do with the router/winns server getting 
the computer names confused, and getting around it had something to do with 
a samba config file - perhaps explicitely naming all the computers in it or 
ensuring there is only one winns server or something.

Not particularly helpful, I know, but it may give you some search terms to 
narrow things down.


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>Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007 19:55:09 -0500
>Hi everyone,
>I'm still having problems getting a reliable connection to my two 
>box/Linksys router Windows network.  I appear to connect now and again by 
>frequently clicking on the Reload button.  So when I get to the Windows 
>network icon, double click on it, I now and again get an icon for MSHOME.  
>If I double click on it, I may get one computer but not the other or 
>neither, but seldom both at once.  I have to think this is a bit of a 
>showstopper, especially as my prime printer is connected to my XP box, not 
>the Ubuntu box, which is the host.
>I have tried disabling ipv6, which reportedly can cause problems.  This 
>gave no improvement.  I've rebooted the wired modem and the router, which 
>got me to the present state. (Before I had absolutely no connection.)  I 
>have re-installed Samba.  Nothing seems to get me the reliable LAN 
>connection that I so desperately need.
>Any help on this issue would be most gratefully accepted!
>My second problem relates to the mounting of my removable storage, a 160Gb 
>hard drive that plugs in to my HP box.  This drive is not recognized from a 
>cold boot.  But mounts every time with a second reboot.  Strange, eh?
>Maybe I should give the whole rig a swift kick!  I would hate to be driven 
>back to Windows because of these two difficulties because I really like 
>Perhaps I should put in bug reports, although I'm not quite sure how?
>Maurice from Nepean
>:-)  :-)  :-)

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