Maurice Murphy m1625 at
Wed Jan 24 15:55:41 UTC 2007


Thanks for the response.  Kyle Vanditmars wrote me and provided a simple 
solution to difficulty #1.   Here's it is:

"For the SMB sharing, the SAMBA package doesn't actually handle your LAN
browsing, it allows the Linux machine to share folders to other Windows

The reloading shouldn't affect your printing in any way.  In fact, I
have the exact same problem, and printing to both networked printers in
my house works fine.  From what I understand, this is simply a problem
with Nautilus (the file manager).  There is a way to set a default
workgroup for Nautilus, and this will make all of the network shares on
that workgroup appear in the main "network servers" gnomevfs entry

Open the configuration editor, you can either add it to your
applications menu or open the run program dialog (alt+F2) and enter
"gconf-editor".  When it opens, look in the tree on the left, open the
"system" folder, and then the "smb" folder.  Within there should be a
setting called workgroup - it's listed in the right-side pane.  By
default it's blank, but if you enter your workgroup there, you'll get
the various network shares every time (at least it works for me)."

It works for me too!


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