Printers and scanners installation

Don and/or Mila Trombley donmila at
Fri Jan 12 08:43:39 UTC 2007

I have a HP deskjet 930c printer and a Hp Scanjet 4300c which I wish to 
When I tried to type in:
sudo apt-get install build-essential python2.4-dev python2.4-qt3 
libcupsys2-dev libsnmp9-dev libipeg62-dev lsb libtoolsautomake1.9 
libusb-dev   <enter>

Notes: Xubuntu 6.1 reports: package Python 2.4-dev is not available, but 
is referred to by another package. this may mean that the package is 
missing, has been obsoleted,
or, is only available  from another source.  However the following 
packages replace it:   python2.4
E: Package  python2.4-dev has no installation candidate. et  al........I 
retyped the lines with the suggested recommendations,....and still end 
up with more of the same.
So, what can I do to get these things working?

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