The Ubuntu Installation Handbook: a working group of Ubuntu The Ubuntu Installation Handbook: a working group of Ubuntu Toronto

Tee Jay Rosene teejayrosene at
Fri Jan 12 04:03:27 UTC 2007

I would love to get involved with this project in some way. In fact, I was
just thinking the same thing today when I gave away an Ubuntu CD to one of
my former professors: I thought, If this person didn't have me to contact in
case he encountered trouble, where would he turn? Most often I thinking
individuals become overwhelmed and give up if they are attempting
installation by themselves.
Anyway, although I'm not super advanced in Linux technical know-how, I have
installed it about 10-15 times now with varying degrees of success (or, I
should say, the degree of success continually improves). Nonetheless, I do
have some training in writing and editing, and this is where I can volunteer
some time for Ubuntu Toronto, Ubuntu Canada, and even Ubuntu Period. If
these booklets are successful enough, perhaps they'll even become
incorporated across the board.
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