Unable to open files on network (windows) shares

Myles A. Braithwaite myles at miys.net
Wed May 17 16:14:18 UTC 2006

1. Please send you /etc/samba/smb.conf file.
2. Do you have any authentication setup?
3. If so make sure you have the proper permissions.

This is a good resource for samba and Ubuntu thought it is mainly about 
a Domain Controller: http://howtoforge.com/samba_setup_ubuntu_5.10

Jeff Pickersgill wrote:
> Hi Everyone
> I have been using Ubuntu for several months (5.10 now up to 6.06) and
> have come across a problem that I can't resolve. I have several work
> related, Windows generated, files that I have saved on windows network
> shares. When I try to open or move or copy them I get a failure message
> to the affect that the operation can't be performed as the file I am
> trying to access is not a directory.
> Does anyone have any ideas.
> If I go to my windows machine (which I just hate doing) and copy the
> files to a flash drive, I have no problem accessing them with my 
> Ubuntu box.
> Thanks
> Jeff
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