Monitoring program

Claude Larochelle Claude.Larochelle at
Wed May 17 23:46:32 UTC 2006

I will test soon new MPLS connexion, and a satellite IP network as 
backup.  During the test, I'd like to monitor and gather data to 
evaluate those new networks.  I tried to make NetMrg working, but I'm 
experiencing problem to make it running properly.  I'm almost a new 
Linux user.  Before to put more time on NetMrg, do you think it is the 
best program to use?  Do you have any suggestion? 

I want to mesure metrics from routers and satellite equipment using SNMP 
and I'd like to mesure trends, so I presume I need a monitoring system 
that will use a database engine.  I already installed a MySQL database 
engine and it's working OK. 

Thank you all for reading, any suggestion are welcome!

Claude Larochelle

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