interest in NPO registration? facts? has this been discussed b4?

C. Martens c.martens at
Sat Dec 2 05:56:03 UTC 2006

Hello all,

I just attended my first chapter meeting the other night, and I believe the general feeling around the table was that we had accomplished some good rapport and action plan for a move-forward plan. We definitely want to market this great OS and increase its user base, agreeing that we want to try and organize an event for March.

Funding, sponsorship, and expenses for the event came up, of course, so I was wondering if Ubuntu Canada was registered as an nonprofit organization at all, if there were any plans to become one, or if this had previously been discussed at the national level?

I'd hesitate in going the other route, that of becoming a registered charity, as the new government has placed some onerous restrictions on the advocacy activities allowed for charities, but NPO status is different, and so perhaps it should be looked into? Certainly any business or other nonprofit that we might partner with and is worth its salt will inquire as to our legal/financial status, so it would be good to have some answers ready for them.

Yes, KISS is preferable, but  'simple' doesn't have to mean  no-structure or no-financial-systems. Expenses will occur,   and it's best to deal with these questions while we're still small. 
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