Bill Davidson harley7 at
Fri Dec 1 23:37:16 UTC 2006

Daniel Robitaille wrote:
> Hello, I am new to the concept and running of  Linux---Ubuntu 6.08 (iso
> file).... I followed the instructions for burning a Ubuntu disk...The
> instructions are excellent and clear.  I wish to format my older Hard
> Drive, and to make the old Pentium II computer my "Linux Ubuntu"
> machine.... How to proceed? Thanks for nay information.
> Don.

Are you going to be dedicating the entire hard drive for linux? If so 
the installation is quite simple. Just boot the CD. You'll actually be 
able to run ubuntu right off the CD. Then just double click the icon 
that says install.

Although, as Alan has pointed out, you might want to consider xubuntu 
instead. It uses a much lighter window manager. The concept of a window 
manager takes some getting used to for a new linux user.

This guide might be helpful also:

Good luck,

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