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MF magicfab at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 17:33:28 UTC 2005

Corey Burger wrote:

>>We want to minimize expenses and make this a sustainable effort, but at
>>the same time hace direct contact with people so I don' t see us
>>actually shipping the CDs but visiting and explaining why they should
>>have them.
>My vision for this project was slightly different. Shipit can ship
>Loco teams cds without covers. My idea was that Loco teams would take
>those cds, and purchase DVD covers. They would then print the DVD
>cover and an insert in their local langage. Thus when a new version
>came out, they could ship the library a new cd to put into the
>existing DVD cover.
>But in order to see if this is sustainable, we should trial in a few
>libraries and see if the cds are being checked out.
Not that different - I had added a DVD case in the ToDo list :) However 
I think it' s not practical to ask libraries to replace the CDs in the 
existing DVD cases. In terms of sustainability, I think it' s a 
necessary complement to the ShipIt initiative.

I think Ubuntu CDs/DVDs should be registered as a periodic publication, 
get an ISSN and maintain a localized (bilingual, in this case), DVD 
insert. This would also provide for local LiveCD remastering scenarios. 
Plus there would always be older versions for historical and archival 

In fact I have just requested an ISSN for "Ubuntu Linux - Canadian 
Edition" (takes 1-2 days), and created a generic "periodic publication"  
page for ISSN-related information:

We'll see if it gets accepted ;)


Fabian Rodriguez

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