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Holiday eholiday at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 12:49:42 UTC 2005

Oh sure, I know. My girlfriend uses my computer without finding any
difference with windows at al and I have thought it would be a good
alternative for my mother with her insanely promiscuous screensaver and
funny email sharing friends . She does email, webbrowsing, and works on her

I'm not putting down Ubuntu or Linux, it is my environment of choice. I am
saying that we have a serious credibiltiy problem when it comes to
multimedia support when nearly everyone else I know plays DVDs and MP3s on
their nifty little laptops.

And though it directly affects the credibility of Ubuntu in Canada, I
believe this is a more a Canada issue than an Ubuntu issue. We bend over way
to far to protect corporate and other institutional power. What is the
has-to-be-nutty reason that every time I buy a blank CD I have to give a few
pennies to RCA?

Tell me again!

When you leap to protect Ubuntu in this, you are missing the point.

On 11/8/05, Mario Couture <mario.couture at rogers.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I agree that for some people it may not be quite there yet, but this may
> not be true for everyone.
> See my example below.
> On Tue, 2005-11-08 at 01:21 -0800, Holiday wrote:
> > I don't think we should be pushing Ubuntu until the multimedia
> > problems are worked out. If I have to dual boot play DVDs, why should
> > I bother with Linux at all.
> >
> To get access to tons of other software for free (freedom and beer too).
> Using my Dad as an example; so my Dad can write his genealogical tree
> without having to buy another piece of software, so that he doesn't get
> a virus in the process, and so that the file he creates will be
> accessible by many generations to come because it is in a format that is
> not locked by legal issues.
> And there are tons of other reasons, which most likely differ from
> person to person, so I guess what I;m trying to say ois that we should
> push Ubuntu, but not force it, if it does not fit your need (yet) then
> don't used it.
> PS. my Dad usually puts his DVD in his DVD player connected to the TV.
> Mario
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