ubuntu-ca Digest, Vol 8, Issue 5

Mario Couture mario_couture at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 10 01:57:48 UTC 2005

Oops,  I guess my message did not come across as I intended, sorry....

What I meant is there are a multitudes of type of users that can use
Linux, and for different reasons. I used my Dad as a sample of one of
those group that probably will never need multimedia capacity, this by
no means diminishes the needs of others, I just saying that for some
people it's ready enough. 

I'm too a user, and I've been using it since '94 it's now my default OS,
but that did took some time. I also have a laptop, (dual boot) and I
rarely play DVD in it, (maybe the fact that Windows bluescreen on me 1
out of 2 time I play a DVD does not help :-) I tend to watch movies on
my regular TV at home, so this my basis of comments.

Now about the Canada issue, I do agree that it's more a problem of laws
that started with good intentions (at least I'd like to believe that)
but evolved in things that are slanted in favour of the corporations and
more or less ignores the citizen. I wish there was an easy solution to
that. But maybe the more people uses Linux the more the issues with
these laws that are in favour of shareholders to the detriment of the
citizen may start to be re-evaluated after more and more citizen start
complaining about them. Ok, maybe I'm delusional and this is not in the
real of possibility but but again I'd like to believe it can be

Now I'll go back to my fantasy world...

On Wed, 2005-11-09 at 04:49 -0800, Holiday wrote:
> Oh sure, I know. My girlfriend uses my computer without finding any
> difference with windows at al and I have thought it would be a good
> alternative for my mother with her insanely promiscuous screensaver
> and funny email sharing friends . She does email, webbrowsing, and
> works on her journal. 
> I'm not putting down Ubuntu or Linux, it is my environment of choice.
> I am saying that we have a serious credibiltiy problem when it comes
> to multimedia support when nearly everyone else I know plays DVDs and
> MP3s on their nifty little laptops. 
> And though it directly affects the credibility of Ubuntu in Canada, I
> believe this is a more a Canada issue than an Ubuntu issue. We bend
> over way to far to protect corporate and other institutional power.
> What is the has-to-be-nutty reason that every time I buy a blank CD I
> have to give a few pennies to RCA? 
> Tell me again!
> When you leap to protect Ubuntu in this, you are missing the point. 
> On 11/8/05, Mario Couture <mario.couture at rogers.com> wrote:
>         Hi,
>         I agree that for some people it may not be quite there yet,
>         but this may
>         not be true for everyone.
>         See my example below.
>         On Tue, 2005-11-08 at 01:21 -0800, Holiday wrote:
>         > I don't think we should be pushing Ubuntu until the
>         multimedia 
>         > problems are worked out. If I  have to dual boot play DVDs,
>         why should
>         > I bother with Linux at all.
>         >
>         To get access to tons of other software for free (freedom and
>         beer too).
>         Using my Dad as an example; so my Dad can write his
>         genealogical tree 
>         without having to buy another piece of software, so that he
>         doesn't get
>         a virus in the process, and so that the file he creates will
>         be
>         accessible by many generations to come because it is in a
>         format that is
>         not locked by legal issues.
>         And there are tons of other reasons, which most likely differ
>         from
>         person to person, so I guess what I;m trying to say ois that
>         we should
>         push Ubuntu, but not force it, if it does not fit your need
>         (yet) then 
>         don't used it.
>         PS. my Dad usually puts his DVD in his DVD player connected to
>         the TV.
>         Mario

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