ubuntu-ca Digest, Vol 8, Issue 5

Mario Couture mario.couture at rogers.com
Wed Nov 9 03:59:23 UTC 2005


I agree that for some people it may not be quite there yet, but this may
not be true for everyone.

See my example below.

On Tue, 2005-11-08 at 01:21 -0800, Holiday wrote:

> I don't think we should be pushing Ubuntu until the multimedia
> problems are worked out. If I  have to dual boot play DVDs, why should
> I bother with Linux at all. 
To get access to tons of other software for free (freedom and beer too).
Using my Dad as an example; so my Dad can write his genealogical tree
without having to buy another piece of software, so that he doesn't get
a virus in the process, and so that the file he creates will be
accessible by many generations to come because it is in a format that is
not locked by legal issues.

And there are tons of other reasons, which most likely differ from
person to person, so I guess what I;m trying to say ois that we should
push Ubuntu, but not force it, if it does not fit your need (yet) then
don't used it.

PS. my Dad usually puts his DVD in his DVD player connected to the TV.


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