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MF MagicFab at
Tue Nov 8 14:48:56 UTC 2005

Holiday a écrit :
> As I said, excuses don't change the fact - it is not possible to legally
> play legally owned DVDs on a perfectly legal copy of Ubuntu - in Canada.
> That seems to me an absurdity. Attempting to rationalize or sanitize it by
> the 'profit motive' is even more absurd.
> Perhaps Canadians with DVDs, these people we will recruit to Ubuntu and
> Linux, will recognize the sanctity of the profit motive and how it cripples
> their installations of Ubuntu. Or perhaps they'll just use Windows.
> I understand this absurdity does not exist in Europe - or in South Africa?
Do we have references for that ? For example the situation with the MP3
format from what I've read, is that it's patented and every soft or
hardware player has to be licensed for 0.75 U$ That's easy for me to
explain to new users, however they'll end up installing it anyways - you
need the support to convert to another (free) format. What would it take
to make it legal to deliver an install that can play DVDs on Ubuntu in
Canada ?

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