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Lino Martin Ramirez lino.m.ramirez at
Tue Nov 8 14:18:11 UTC 2005

Hi Allen and All:

Please see my comments below.

On 11/8/05, Allen Graham <allenggraham at> wrote:
> Hi All:
>  It's important to address an issue raised by Lino, namely :
>  There are counted MP's and MLA's who know about Open Source Software.
>  This is why we have to start promoting the use of Open Source Software
>  to our policy makers. If we want Ubuntu (or any other Linux
>  distribution) to become popular, we need to install it in schools,
>  universities, government offices, etc. The only way, we can do that is
>  with the support of our policy makers.
>  FIRST ISSUE: Shortly after Jean Chretien came in to power he, and his
> cabinet , awarded a huge contract to Microsoft for "Office" (primarily),
> this was chosen over Corel's "Wordperfect suite"  WP was always superior to
> Office (will explain in future)
>  Anyone here who has used Open Office will feel certain that it's better.
>  This old "political hack" was racked with suspicions over that questionable
> decision.

Again, to avoid this type of "political hack", we have to convince our
politicians that there are open source alternatives they should

>  Note: politicians do not make decisions. Civil servants do.  See recent
> news about Allan Cutler.(the whistleblower)

I agree with you. However, situations like the one you mentioned above
will happen all the time in greater or lesser extend. This is why, we
should ask our politicians not to use the taxpayer's dollars to pay
for all sort of proprietary software.

>  2ND: Although I'm a firm believer in Ubuntu. please research Canonical's
> and Mark Shuttleworth's background.
>  It's profit motivation which is great with me.

If there are savings, I would not mind someone making some profit out of it

>  3RD: how many of us have burned "Live CD's" and "Live DVD's" to give to our
> friends. Personally I've had 4 or 5 d/l and try a Live CD, but never given
> one out.  In process of taking a bunch to Mexico shortly. And OpenOffice!,
> very well received.  Think ODT .

Yes, we have to start doing it.

>  4TH: as mentioned many times Ubuntu (the easiest Distro I've ever used),
> must be totally user friendly, it's not. Wireless anyone?

Not me! I still have to make it work.

>  And a "cross-country" Install fest !!!!!   Great idea.

Let's do it!!!

>  How many here do voluntary computer service for friends  ? (almost typed
> fiends) Next experiment, set up a system, ready to go, with Ubuntu. I've
> done it for friends, & visitors (relatives), didn't tell them it was Linux,
> guess what? they didn't notice !

I will try that ;-)



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