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Hodgins Family ehodgins at telusplanet.net
Tue Nov 8 03:29:24 UTC 2005

Good evening!

>>         slogan "linux for human beings". Shouldn't we have a french
>>         slogan on the
>>         french side. I mean since everthing else is translated, why
>>         not the slogan?
>> I was  wondering about that -  I can change it, if  someone else can
>> provide the translation. (I can read a reasonable amount of French,
>> but I'll leave translations up to those who're actually fluent...)
> Although I'm actually french translation isn't my strength, but after
> trying Google for the translation I think this sound not too bad:
> "Linux pour l'être humain"

Why not find out if the French (as in France) already have a translation? 
There has been a lot of humour resulting from people of one culture 
(allophone in this case) attempting to translate things for people of a 
second culture (francophone in this case)...humour that we as a 
multicultural community should by now have learned to avoid! Let's avoid 
embarassing ourselves while we are trying to do "The Right Thing" and go to 
the source.


P.S. My take on "Linux pour l'être humain" would be "Linux for being human". 
Nice try, but unless someone tells me different, I just think it 'taint the 
same as "Linux for human beings".

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