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Tue May 3 03:01:01 UTC 2005


We had lots of interesting discussions on the IRC today
Here are some highlights and some questions that are raised:

* Website: Ubuntu-fr CSS is ok to apply to our site. Lots of work to do. 
Happy Happy Joy Joy.

* Slogan: we could use about three catchy and funny slogans, Burg
suggested "UbuntuCanada: bringing sanity to an acre of snow"
Anyone else like to make a few suggestions?

* advertising-banners: how do people feel about putting google
text-only banners on our site? It might be a good way to make a buck
or two, we could use the money to help offset the cost that Ubuntu
incurs by hosting our site.. it would be nice to help Ubuntu become a
profitable distro and not just another Linux Money Hole. Or we could
look at other ways to spend it, but first: Banners? or No-Banners?

* Art: right now the site is 100% image free, do we want to keep it that way?
Does anyone here have the skill to do a nice site banner for us?

* Freedom: shadowing says that he is interested in seeing more
information on Liberty and Freedom on the net, and it got me to
thinking: we could put a button on our site "Freedom" and link it to a
page on the wiki discussing Liberty and Freedom in Canada and
highlight how linux is the answer to some of those problems.
Is there anyone else interested in such a project?

* Distro: shadowing also had a very exciting idea about producing an
Inuit Ubuntu Distrobution for Canada. Burg is going to look into this
further and will hopefully send an email the list soon... so I wont go
any further, but it is a VERY interesting idea.

*Damage: I broke the planet today, sorry guys. Somebody fix it!!

* Website: made some temporary adjustments, take a look and report any problems.

* News: What kind of news do we want to track on our website? Site
news? Ubuntu news? Canadian news? All of the above? None of the above?
What do you want to see?


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