wow what a day!

Corey Burger corey.burger at
Tue May 3 06:17:20 UTC 2005

On 5/2/05, Alex Combas <alex.combas at> wrote:
> Greetings!
> We had lots of interesting discussions on the IRC today
> Here are some highlights and some questions that are raised:
> * Website: Ubuntu-fr CSS is ok to apply to our site. Lots of work to do.
> Happy Happy Joy Joy.
> * Slogan: we could use about three catchy and funny slogans, Burg
> suggested "UbuntuCanada: bringing sanity to an acre of snow"
> Anyone else like to make a few suggestions?
> * advertising-banners: how do people feel about putting google
> text-only banners on our site? It might be a good way to make a buck
> or two, we could use the money to help offset the cost that Ubuntu
> incurs by hosting our site.. it would be nice to help Ubuntu become a
> profitable distro and not just another Linux Money Hole. Or we could
> look at other ways to spend it, but first: Banners? or No-Banners?
> * Art: right now the site is 100% image free, do we want to keep it that way?
> Does anyone here have the skill to do a nice site banner for us?
> * Freedom: shadowing says that he is interested in seeing more
> information on Liberty and Freedom on the net, and it got me to
> thinking: we could put a button on our site "Freedom" and link it to a
> page on the wiki discussing Liberty and Freedom in Canada and
> highlight how linux is the answer to some of those problems.
> Is there anyone else interested in such a project?
> * Distro: shadowing also had a very exciting idea about producing an
> Inuit Ubuntu Distrobution for Canada. Burg is going to look into this
> further and will hopefully send an email the list soon... so I wont go
> any further, but it is a VERY interesting idea.
> *Damage: I broke the planet today, sorry guys. Somebody fix it!!
> * Website: made some temporary adjustments, take a look and report any problems.
> * News: What kind of news do we want to track on our website? Site
> news? Ubuntu news? Canadian news? All of the above? None of the above?
> What do you want to see?
> Cheers
> --

Ads suck. I am also working on a site banner that is a map with the
words ubuntu Canada


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