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Adele et Antoine Cottin adancottin at aei.ca
Fri Apr 29 19:51:05 UTC 2005

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Ok guys,

I agree with Daniel that our web site can wait some more days, however
i'm a bit inconfortable with the words of Alex (sorry Alex about that !).

I'm currently in a web developer class at BCIT and I am learning a lot
about good
design and development principals, at the time when I wrote the site
at www.ubuntu-ca.org I was completely self taught and now that I've
taken a class I can see just how bad it is.
/*I'm going to redesign the site as my term project.*/

Well i don't think the ubuntu-ca.org have a vocation to be an end
session project even if you are the fundator of this community. This
site is the reflect of our activities and our personnality as a group,
so we have to WORK TOGETHER. And for sure Alex, your new web developer
skills have to be used !

About the "progression" we try to make Andrew and I (shadowing) for
the wed site. This mean getting the css file form the french loco
(cause their web sote is just beautifull), we ask people on the IRC to
give their felling about the design, and if they want it. This is just
a attempt of web design, it still can be discusse... let's be open.

I think decisions made at the very beginning have to be discusse over
cause the group is much bigger now.

Hope everythings will be find. Hope we will live.


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