we have a problem

Alex Combas alex.combas at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 19:02:17 UTC 2005

I think there is a problem brewing.
I sent an email to Andrew VanSpronsen, my mistake, I ment to send it
to the list.
Here is what I said :

The reason I suggested Monday as the dates to finalize things on is because
sometimes I dont check email on the weekends. My free time consists of
Mondays/Tuesdays and sometimes Wednesdays, sometimes those are the
only times I even get to see a computer and sometimes not even then if Im
really busy.
I will continue the redesign stuff.
Nobody asked if any help was needed on the list, and you cant simply
take control of something because you feel like it or because it seems
inactive to you.
If you would like to help me, thats great, I'll talk to Matthias about
getting you access to the server if you dont already have it.
We still need to discuss how the voting will actually take place.
Do we want a secret ballot?
The last time we voted people just sent their vote in to the mailing list
but it didnt seem like that was very well supported.
Another option is that we could use a poll on a forum, phpBB style.

**This is what Andrew replyed to me**

Andrew VanSpronsen 	
to me
Thanks Alex but no thanks...please do not continue any work with the
redesign.   The entire group needs to be involved in the shaping of
our online presence and shadowing and I are looking after it.   I hope
this "my way or the highway attitude" is not what we would get if by
some chance you were voted into any position of responsibility.  In
your absence, action has been taken.  We had no choice since you were
not around.  You are free to align with what we are doing or you can
persist in your attempts to go your own route.  We cannot have a
renegade in the group so if you do persist I imagine there will be


Just so we are clear Andrew, I dont appreciate your comments
concerning "my way or the highway" or "renegade" or the threat of

If anything, its me who is scared if you are ever put into a position
of authority because its clear you plan to run things like a Leader
and not like a "Contact for the Community" and infact you've even said
so. I hope you honestly dont plan to disreguard what Ubuntu-Canonical
has recently had to say on the matter. Weather or not people say they
would like a leader, Ubuntu-Canonical has had good reasons for
changing the role and we do well to align ourselves with the new way
or risk making the same mistakes. Leadership as far as _this_ project
goes is a bug. Apply the patch.

But let me review some things, as about half the people on this list
already know
we had lots of group discussions concerning the website, our project,
and what we would do for Canadians and Im happy to see that many of
our ideas that we discussed first right here among ourselves are now
being implemented for all LoCo groups in the Ubuntu community.

Reguarding the redesign:
What I was talking about was not "reworking the entire idea from
scratch" which is perhaps what you thought. Im just going to rework
the way the site looks and improve the code, but the basic idea that
we discussed and agreed upon as a group will remain.

Please stop trying to redesign ideas the group has already agreed upon
without first discussing things on this mailing list first. If you
think our current ideas are wrong or could be improved thats what the
mailing list is here for, anyone at any time is free to be a critic
and suggest new things. If there are other groups you are working
with, please ask them to also post to this list regarding matters that
concern this group or
post the information yourself if they are unwilling.

Since the beginning we have tried to maintain a very high level of
transparency, and group involvment. Im unhappy to learn some things
have been happening off in the sidelines where the group can not fully
participate because it is not aware.

Regarding the future:
We are still in need of a forum, if you and shadowing would like to
work on that it would be a very positive thing that would be adding
something to the group that we are currently lacking and have been
waiting for for a very long time.

Another thing I would like to see happen is the planet get redesigned
by Myles, who seems to have disapeared, soon. But it should wait for
the site redesign and not copy the current look since thats going to
be changing sometime in the near future.

Also, a wordpress blog with free accounts for Ubuntu Canadian users is
something we discussed but have not yet seen happen, anyone with the
time and knowledge is free to volunteer to work on that as well.

Lastly, since I am unable to be on chat much(if ever) how do people
feel about the idea
that the daily chat log be emailed to the mailing list once a day so
those in a similar situation to me can see whats been going on?

Im late for work again today, but I feel this project is important enough to 
make that sacrifice.


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