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Thu Apr 7 16:31:35 UTC 2005

On Apr 5, 2005 6:28 PM, Myles Braithwaite <myles.braithwaite at> wrote:
>  The planet is fully working, but I think it
> will be a long time till we get the Wordpress Blog fully working.
>  Matthias Urlichs:
>  >> I haven't loaded it yet because another PHP application (running on 
>  >> starts returning empty pages as soon as I do that.
>  >> I'll have a look later today. OTOH you could try that on your machine;
>  >> their application is SMF (from
>  We have two decisions here:
>  First... We could setup SMF.
>  Second... We don't care about the blog and get the people who don't have a
> blog to register on Blogger or LiveJournal. Then just add them to the
> Planet.

Hi Myles,
Ok. My vote goes that way as well, we can look at setting up a blog at
a later time
and for now just register anyone who wishes on our planet.

Hi Antoine,
Sorry for the lateness.
Check out the irc channel #ubuntu-doc they are very helpful and do a lot
of translating work. I wanted to ask them myself but as you can see I've been
very busy this last week. Look for someone named mdke or frugal. Tell
them sabmoc
sent you, and tell them you are trying to translate the Local Canadian
Team pages to french. Ask them about rosetta.

Also, register on the Ubuntu Linux wiki if you haven't already.
Visit our page on the wiki and hit the edit button, you'll see the
moinmoin markup
format. You'll need to learn to use that format for writing documents
and translating
wiki pages. If you have questions just ask.

Hey Corey,
Any idea of the title of the talk yet? When you get it, just send an
email to the
LFNW mailing list announcing yourself as the guy and give them the
title, I'm sure
they will figure it out.

Hi Ryan,
So did you push back the date of the release party as well?


Cheers everybody!

Alex Combas | alex.combas at | irc:sabmoc

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