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Ryan Thiessen ryan at
Thu Apr 7 16:58:38 UTC 2005

On Thu, 7 Apr 2005, Alex Combas wrote:
> Hi Ryan,
> So did you push back the date of the release party as well?

Nope, we had a great little release party in Vancouver last night, despite 
the fact that the official release date was pushed back.  The attendees 
were myself, Graeme, and Kalin.  Only two out of the three of us were 
Ubuntu users but the third (Graeme) used Debian/Gnome so we teased him a 
bit for not switching.  :-)  All in good fun.  Stayed out a bit late for a 
weeknight though, didn't leave the pub until about 1:30am!!

We booted up a fairly recent version of Hoary on Kalin's lovely PPC 
laptop, and raised many pints to Jeff Waugh.  Kalin booted into OSX to 
show us QuickSilver, an app he thought would help bring advanced users 
into Gnome and increase productivity like it had done for him in OSX.  It 
was nice to hang out with people who had listened to lugradio and read 
Mark Shuttleworth's slashdot intervew, and who were current with the 
latest flamewars (bitkeeper, anyone?). It wasn't all just geek talk 
though, we had some friendly and spirited discussions about politics and 
work life.

All in all a good time.  Maybe next time we'll have a bit better 
organization and turn out a few more people.  But it was pretty fun as is.


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